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December 6, 2018



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Bourbon Street Grits 

Bourbon Street Grits

Grits is a dish that originated from a Native American Muskogee tribe. To make this dish, the people of this tribe ground Indian corn into a "gritty" texture and boiled it with milk and butter. Southern United States eventually adopted this recipe calling the land from Texas to Virginia, the "grits belt". Believe it or not, Georgia named grits to be the officially prepared food in 2002. Christophe's brings you a delicious spin on grits. To add more flavor to your tastebuds, these grits are seasoned with cajun, have homemade ham hock broth and cream, and are topped with wild-caught American shrimp and spicy Tasso ham. On the menu right now!

Potato Laketes

Potato Latkes

It's Hanukkah! Christophe's has made delicious "potato pancakes" inspired by a delicacy served during the Ashkenazi Jewish holiday, Hanukkah! This dish originates from the mid-1800s and is enjoyed during the holidays. "Lakete", in yiddish, means "small pancake" made of eggs, milk, flour, and potatoes. This dish can be eaten with apple sauce or sour cream to give you both the sweet and sour flavor. Have this delicious snack delivered to your door for this Hanukkah! Happy Holidays!




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