Wedding_Food_1Whether you’re planning a big birthday bash, a wedding, or an office lunch meeting, catering is a key element to your event’s success. And when you’re trying to make a good impression for your guests or co-workers, not planning your catering correctly could lead to a disaster. The repercussions of an event going awry could do some serious damage to your reputation or worse, you *and *your company’s reputation.

These are examples of missteps that can lead to a catering nightmare. Follow our advice to ensure that the food for your event is memorable (in a good way).

1. Failing To Prep & Plan Your Budget

Common sense, right? This may be one of the most crucial steps that many hosts overlook and fail in the prepping process. By not prepping your budget you risk the embarrassment of leaving your guests hungry because you ran out of food or over-ordering and being left with a heaping amount of leftovers and an empty wallet. Keep in mind there are many other elements to consider in your budget than just the food that many hosts often forget.

Key factors that will help prevent these potential blunders:

  • Get the total number of guests before meeting your caterer.
  • Know how long the event will take place. The longer the event the more time guests will have to be hungry and thirsty.
  • Consider how you want to serve the food – buffet style or plated? Some catering services charge for each plate, some charge for number of guests.
  • Decide on how the food and beverages will be served to guests. Some venues have their own staff to provide this service and some catering companies provide their own staff. Going with an agency that provides this service is an option as well.
  • Round up. Once your number of guests is confirmed, round up your menu items (some say buy 3% more meals than the number you guarantee)
  • Confirm what kind of beverages you want to serve. If you serve alcohol make sure you also have non-alcoholic beverages for guests.
  • How are you handling the table setups? Flatware, plates, glassware, and linens are additional elements to consider when budgeting.

2. You Don’t Schedule A Tasting

Braised_Pork_Cheek_Don’t be that person that grosses out your guests because you neglected to schedule a food tasting. You’d be surprised how many people overlook this important step when selecting their menu for the big event. Not only is it an opportunity to taste the food that will be served to your guests, but it’s also an opportunity to get to know the chef that will be preparing the food and the company’s staff. Many people get deterred by the amount of time they must commit to schedule a tasting and choose to either review services online or take recommendations from people who have previously used a catering service. Simply put, you will never know what the food is going to taste like unless you try it yourself. The company you’ve reviewed online could have changed chefs, the menu could have been more in season during that time, or maybe they changed their procedures on how they prepare their food. Do yourself, and your guests, a favor and make scheduling a tasting a priority. Asking for a reference list for a potential caterer is also encouraged.

3. Not Considering Guests With Food Allergies and Restrictions

These days it’s nearly impossible to share an elevator without someone who has a food allergy, sensitivity, or special diet restriction. Consider planning some additional specialty dishes before one of your guests end up in the hospital. Not taking your guests diet restrictions into account could possibly lead to mortifying consequences for everyone involved. Making a note to reach out to your guests asking for any allergies they may have is highly encouraged and can save you from a catering nightmare. Taking note of guests with any cultural and religious dietary restrictions is highly encouraged as well.


Why Choose Christophe’s?

Looking for an Atlanta catering company for your upcoming event? Here’s why choosing Christophe’s To Go is an amazing solution.

  • We don’t just specialize in one type of event- Dinner parties, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and office events are only a few types of events where we’ve provided our service. Every menu is customized specifically for you and your event needs. If you can imagine it, Christophe can make it.
  • We gladly accept requests for tastings with a small charge that will get fully refunded should you choose us to cater your event.
  • One of the first questions we ask is if we can accommodate any guests that require special items for allergy or dietary restrictions. We value the importance of keeping your guests safe and want everyone to have a delicious and satisfying meal.
  • We provide delivery with serving trays and serving utensils. Chef Christophe and our catering manager will gladly go over any additional needs you request and provide the best options to make your event’s setup a piece of cake.
  • Whether it’s buffet style, plated, or a simple delivery drop off we’ve got you covered. We customize our service style based on your needs.
  • We work with any budget you have and do what it takes to fulfill all of your expectations.
  • Check out some of our customers reviews on their experience with our catering here.

For more information about Christophe’s catering and how to get in touch with us click here.

Check out this helpful catering checklist provided by to keep you organized!

Written by: Alison Sherman