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Modern Atlanta is a place of cultural diversity, art, and entertainment. The underground art scene is growing rapidly while restaurants boasting international cuisine are popping up at every corner. Georgia may not yet be known as a cultural hub, but it is certainly on the rise. Its vibrant local culture features a growing number of festivals and events to celebrate diversity, art, history, and more. Whether you’ve recently moved toAtlanta or are a long-time resident, you’re sure to find a fun event that fits your interests. Here are a few of the local festivals you should attend:

Fall Folklife Festival

This is a festival meant to celebrate local handicrafts and Southern culture. Events include demonstrations of basket weaving, candle dipping, and food preservations. There will also be workshops and booths devoted to traditional Southern cuisine. It’s a great way to get back to your roots and learn how things were done in the good old days, all while enjoying delicious Southern food. The next Fall Folklife Festival will be in Fall 2017.

5 Great Festivals to Attend in Atlanta

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Sure, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated across the U.S. and often with a parade of some sort, but Atlanta plays host to one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the South. Started in 1858, Atlanta’sSt.  Patrick’s Day parade is one of the oldest in the nation. Unlike many celebrations, the event is family-friendly with plenty of entertainment for adults and children alike. The 2017 event takes place Saturday, March 11.


The Georgia Renaissance Festival

For two months, each weekend Atlanta is home to an enormous Renaissance Festival. Over 1,000 actors and actresses in full period costume are waiting to transform modern day Atlanta into a Renaissance village. Fun period events such as jousting, magicians, and minstrels are all available with family-friendly activities, sights, and entertainment. Check it out for yourself April 15-June 4, 2017.

Marietta Art in the Park

Marietta Square’s Art in the Park has been around since 1996. It is one of Atlanta’s biggest celebrations of local art and local artists. You can view and purchase art from some of Atlanta’s finest artists or even attend workshops to produce your own art. Overall, it’s a wonderful experience for art buffs and people who just enjoy a good dose of local culture. The next Art in the Park celebration will be in September 2017.

Atlanta Greek Festival

Another longstanding tradition, the Atlanta Greek Festival has been going strong since 1974. It’s a celebration of Greek food, Greek art, Greek culture, and the Greek Orthodox Church. People of all ages can enjoy authentic foods and learn a little about Greek culture. To make it even more entertaining, there is live Greek music through the duration of the festival. The next Greek Festival will be in September 2017.

Atlanta residents agree the city is a place of diversity. Its celebrations incorporate everything from the most traditional cultural celebration (St. Patrick’s Day) all the way to old-fashioned handicrafts. Make the most of your Atlanta living experience by taking advantage of all the horizon-broadening events throughout the year. Each and every festival is an opportunity for socialization, fun, and education.

Brooke Thompson is an adventurer, health nut, fitness fanatic, and dog lover living in Atlanta. At, she shares health and wellness-related tips and advice in addition to cool health-related treasures she finds while exploring the city.