Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get food delivery near me? Get all your questions about ordering through Christophe’s answered.

We require a minimum order of $25, which is about 3 or 4 meals depending on what you select. The meals keep for several days so you should have no problem enjoying all the food at its peak freshness.
The fee to deliver is $6. If your order (excluding tax) is over $55 then the delivery fee is waived. Get dinner delivered tonight.

We can do pickups.

THE BAD NEWS: We are not equipped to allow pick up at our kitchen because we do not have people prepared to receive visitors.

THE GOOD NEWS: We have partnered with Zifty and they have a pickup location in Midtown Atlanta.

If you want to pick up from this location then check the DIFFERENT SHIPPING ADDRESS box and enter the following address 1220 Spring St NW, Atlanta, GA 30309.

Here are the pickup instructions if you proceed.

1. Enter the pickup date when checking out.

2. You may pick up from this address between 11 am and 5 pm on the date you pick at checkout.

3. When you arrive at the address call 404-817-3345 and park near the door with the Zifty logo on it. A Zifty rep will bring the food to you.

4. You must pick up on the delivery date. If you do not make it then the food will be donated and unfortunately we won’t be able to issue a refund.

The delivery fee still applies if the order is below $55 because we have to deliver to Zifty and pay them a fee to provide this service. Also if you want delivery but your house is not in our area then we can arrange to deliver to your work or some other convenient location. We send you a text when we are on our way and again when we deliver. Our packaging keeps the food cold for at least five hours if you’re not home when we deliver. We’ll deliver anywhere within our Metro Atlanta delivery area.

Our deliveries usually happen between 9 am and 4 pm. You can request a time in the special instructions. We cannot guarantee that we deliver at your requested time, but we will try. You will get a text message when we are on our way to your location with your dinner delivered.
If you are just a mile or two outside our delivery area message us through the chat tool in the bottom right corner, to see what options we may have for you. If you’re further than the two-mile range, then we suggest seeing if you can find a spot within the delivery area where we can deliver to you.
Our deliveries usually happen between 9 am and 4 pm.
All our food is delivered refrigerated. If we warmed it we could not guarantee it would be the proper temperature when it arrives at your door. Leaving it for you to warm up ensures you’ll get the best results each and every time. Also if it’s delivered warm, then you don’t have the flexibility of leaving the food in the refrigerator if your plans change!
Please give us any special delivery instructions in the notes when you are on the checkout page. We pay close attention to any details given to us by our customers, but if we can’t get to your door then we can’t deliver your food.
Christophe makes every meal fresh to order. Unfortunately we have too many orders to prepare, cook, and deliver all in the same day. We hope to offer same-day delivery service in the future, but currently there is a one-day turnaround. If you need a reminder you can set up order reminders on your Profile Page.
If you won’t be home then please leave a cooler outside your door. We’ll leave the food with ice packs in the cooler. You’ll get a text message when we deliver your food so you know when it has been left at your door. If you forget a cooler or if you don’t have a cooler, we will leave a styrofoam cooler along with the ice and food. Please leave the coolers and ice packs out for your next food delivery so we can swap them out. There’s no charge for the coolers as long as you don’t hoard them. 🙂
No. You have the option to order what you want on your schedule! You do not have to subscribe to anything – just view our weekly menu and pick whatever looks tasty to you.
We do not allow substitutions or customizations because Chef Christophe prepares the meals together all at once, not individually. If we customized each order, we would be more likely to have errors and inconsistent results. If you are placing a large catering order then we can customize those meals any way you would like.
Yes! Our catering service is generally for 10 or more people and has a minimum order size. You can learn more and see our catering menus on our website at